Welcome to RA-LINA Teddies!
The names of my children RAphael (14 years old) and SeLINA (12 years old) inspired me to my title RA-LINA.
 Both children like to cuddle the teddies and give them their names.
My  cats like to play with the teddy-ears and hide them perfectly. Aaron, our dog, inspires me
with his comical facial expression.
Our common hobby is Line Dance and my two most important men in live are busy to exercise.

Last but not least, it is me!
About me: Since December 1996 I am keep on making teddies. I wanted to sew a teddy for my
children to christmas…… but it looked like a sheep. So I tried my own cuttings.
My family and my friends began to admire my new teddies.
Now teddy-bears are part of my life and I won´t miss them.!!!!
I often find some decoration and a lot of inspiration for the teddies while walking in the forest.
The contact to teddyfriends is very important for me. I am happy about every e-mail and every
letter and I am looking forward for new acquaintances.
So, that´s the way I send my greetings to you from Austria.


Gabriele Dutzler